Vile Electrodes

Inser att jag kommit bort från metallen (döds- och black) på sistone och är helt inne i det elektroniska igen... 
Några jag upptäckt på sistone är Vile Electrodes.

"Our musical influences include the early exponents of electronic music, disco, acid-house, techno and ‘intelligent’ dance music, Kosmische Musik, modern electropop, coldwave, early industrial music, film soundtracks and trip-hop.

We have an obsession for science fiction and Britain’s industrial and pastoral heritage, and our music is a soundtrack to that obsession. Ballardian, dystopian nightmares of longing and loss feature often, both thematically and lyrically. Our songs imagine a place between a forgotten future-that-never-was and the one we experience every day.

Our studio and live performances are characterised by an absence of laptops and software, and by the sound of old school analogue synthesizers and drum machines. But our music neither sits wholly in the past nor the present. Showing deference to ‘classic’ electronic music but not limited or defined by it."

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Snygg logga har dom också ;)
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